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#LiveInLevis "Shout it out" by Matteo ft. Luciano Hiwat

Proud of the work we’ve done with Luciano and Matteo to create a piece of art that captured what it means to move and #LiveInLevis.

Inspired by the Live in Levi's project that is showcasing the experiences of real people, living, working and playing in Levi's we decided to make our own Live in Levi's story.

The talented 14-year-old dancer/actor Luciano Hiwat, created a choreography inspired by the emotions he felt when his own father passed away not too long ago.

In collaboration with director Roland Pupupin emerged a stunning, emotional and visual translation of the song "Shout It Out" by singer/songwriter Matteo Lanella in the form of a music/dance video.

Luciano Hiwat is known for his television apperances like “Everybody Dance Now”, “Move Like Michael Jackson” and “Das SuperTalent” in Germany. Furthermore, he played in several TV commercials, featured in the Dutch music- and dancefilm Body Languge (2011) and he is currently playing in the new Dutch cinema film
“De Boskampi's” (2015) by director Arne Toonen. He also competes in the big German TV show GOT TO DANCE where he is one of the favorites to win. The finals are around Christmas 2015.

In May 2015, Matteo Lannella launched his first debut EP solo album titled MATTEO // “I've Thought About You".

A collection of pop/soul songs inspired by the childhood experiences of Matteo. With this album Matteo tells the stories about how people look for a way out and deal with negative home- & living situations.
It is a diary of emotions with subtle chapters about love, friendship, commitment, loss and fear.

The song is about the story of an old friendship that slowly become diluted and is lost.

Matteo Lannella. Has graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2015.
He also is part of the band Single Pilot that currently made it to the semi-finals of the biggest music competition in the Netherlands called "De Grote Prijs Van Nederland 2016".

Concept // Roland Pupupin // Director // Roland Pupupin
D.O.P // Bernard Ausems // bernardausems.com
Editor // Cindy van den Hoonaard // cinnie.net

Choreography // Luciano Hiwat (14) // instagram.com/lucitkk
Music // Shout it out // Matteo Lannella // singlepilot.nl

Styling // Merel Uitendaal // mereluitendaal.wix.com/mereluitendaal

With special thanks to Lucinda Hiwat en Sandra van der Drift, Highschool Café ''For kids only'

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